Download - 28k (approx 6 seconds for dialup users)

This version is just a prototype and non configurable. It allows you to run Mozilla Firefox, Windows calculator and Windows notepad with quick keyboard shortcuts.
The proper version will be smaller aswell, as its in assembler.

The up coming version will be fully configurable. You can add any program and assign any keyboard shortcut (assuming its not already used for something else, or is a Windows shortcut).

The program runs invisible in the background, but in case you did want to show the main window to see the list of programs you have, WIN + SHIFT + H (H for H otkey) will show the main program window. See below for screenshots.

When a shortcut is captured a little window appears on screen like in the screenshots so you know what is happening. As firefox can take a while to load on slower computers.

Run firefox - WIN + SHIFT + F
Run calculator - WIN + SHIFT + C
Run notepad - WIN + SHIFT + N
Show main user interface - WIN + SHIFT + H

This is just a prototype version, a new website and the full program are in progress. This is just a preview.

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